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The Entrepreneur Girl vs. The Corporate Girl
By: Kristina Tsipouras, November 16, 2015
I find a lot of people in my world confused about my success and work ethic. How do I run 3 brands, have time to sleep in, work out & enjoy my life? It's simple, I defined success as something different. I understood that only my personal happiness and well-being allowed my greatest potential & killer ideas to come forward. I learned to stop working against the grain and work with it. I am easy on myself, I am good to myself, and I only spend time focusing on what I enjoy.

I was not very productive this week, and I was starting to feel guitly about it. Especially when I watch my boyfriend leave for work at 7:30am every morning while I am still snuggled in bed with my two furry friends. But this Saturday morning, I rose at 7am wide awake, energized and excited to get to work. It is now 2:30pm, and I accomplished more today than some do in an entire week. You see, it isn't about the quantity, it is about the quality and value of your work. Someone once told me, 'Our best work comes from our heart, not our head.' This has always stuck with me. Our society today respects the busy girl, the go-getter, the sleep deprived, the one who kills themselves to get to the top, and our world is struggling because of this. I watch a lot of friends work their ass off. I see them sleep deprived, up at 6am, and not home before 7pm or 8pm in the evening. Then, on the other end of the spectrum, I see a lot of people posting on social media about how working from home and on their own terms is the best thing in the world, and that everyone should strive to work for themselves and be happy!

I have realized in my 'preachings' that not everyone was born to be an Entrepreneur, and that all different kinds of women make the world go round. It doesn't mean that you can't have it all if you are in the corporate world. You can push yourself to apply for a better position, to move up within the company, to become so trusted that you can work on your own time & not have to be in the office at 8am. No matter what world you come from, or what you do for a living, the point is that you create your own reality. If you believe you have to work your ass off to be successful, than this will be true for you. If you believe that light hearted, enjoyable work for a few hours a day is more fitting for you and will create greater success, then this will become true as well.

As a Entrepreneur, it is sometimes difficult to stay motivated, and to be hard on yourself. Through lots of trial & error, I have found what works best for me. First of all, my sleep, nutrition and workout routine come first. If you make these 3 things the top priority in your life, I promise you that the rest will fall into place.

Love, Kristina

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