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Be Selfish
By: Kristina Tsipouras, November 16, 2015
I woke up this morning feeling my very best. After a great nights sleep (my body prefers 9 hours), a organic berry & kale smoothie, fresh pot of coffee and morning yoga, I feel like I can take over the world. Positive thoughts, high energy and creative ideas flow through me easily. In times like this, I do my best work. I find joy in the little things, and feel so present and in the moment. I call this, 'being in the vortex.' The vortex is the ultimate connection to yourself & your soul, and those moments in life where you feel your very best. Everything you want in life, is already waiting for you in your vortex. Abudnance, health, love, joy, the sky is the limit!

The only thing between you and your vortex, is yourself. Many people spend most of their lives walking around it. However, the key to jumping in and soaking up all the joy is to simply let go. To give in, and to surrender to the moment and to the natural flow of life. To let go of fear & worry, and to focus on appreciation and excitement. No matter your circumstances, you have to choose feel good thoughts now. One thought at a time, until you reach an elevated mood. It is when you are in that positive state, that you can make things happen, change your life, and create your own heaven on earth.

If I had to offer one piece of advice, after years of working on myself, growing my businesses & building my heaven on earth, I would tell you this: Be Selfish. Put your needs first. Get the sleep you need, take time to cook and prepare healthy meals for yourself. Get on a fitness routine, and spend your time doing thing that make you happy. Our society gives the word 'selfish' a negative tone, however I see being selfish as positive. It is only when you are at your best, that you can truly help and elevate others. It is only at your best, where you can truly make a difference in your work, your family, friendships, partnership or marriage, etc.

So start today, with baby steps if that feels better. Say no more if you need to clear your schedule. Take a bubble bath and get to bed earlier tonight, watch your favorite movie and bake cookies in the oven. Spend the afternoon reading your favorite book, take a extra long shower and just relax. It is your birth right to feel happy and free everyday. So promise yourself, to spend a little time everyday getting into your vortex. One day, bliss will be your natural state. And for now, the simple way to start, is to become more selfish.

Love, Kristina

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