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That time the finance guy asked me if I was a waitress
By: Kristina Tsipouras, November 16, 2015
I often hear, "Kristina, you are such a feminist." Sometimes from women who praise me for it, and sometimes from men who think its funny. But, my experience at a well known finance holiday party last night reminded me of why it is so strong to stand by this word, my beliefs, and women's rights.

I spent the early part of my evening an hour late to a friends private holiday party because one of my business meetings ran over. I own two companies, and was just introduced to another brilliant money making opportunity so I am usually running late these days or not at all. I had been recently sick and over worked, so I was really looking forward to a night out. When I arrived at the party, I was so impressed by my friend who had gone all out with catering, bartending & presentation. She is a well known Boston Entrepreneur, and the crowd included guests from owners of bio tech companies to successful Entrepreneurs. I ended up hitting it off with a interesting guy and his wife. We were talking business and laughing, and they were challenging me on many things. At the end of the conversation, which went well over an hour, he mentioned, "I am really impressed. I pushed you on a lot of tough questions and you had a brilliant response to each one of them." He then introduced himself as one of the partners & owners of Wellington management. I had no idea who I had been talking to, but to impress one of the top guys in the finance world of Boston, I was pretty beside myself.

Feeling excited for the night to continue, I jumped into an Uber to meet the guy I am dating at his finance holiday party. I walked into the bar to a sea of suits. Before I tried to find him through the crowd, I went to the restroom. In just a few minutes walk from the front door to the bathroom, I was whistled at, called mint, babe and dammmn girl. When I finally made it to the bathroom door, a guy much larger than me blocked the entrance and said he wouldn't let me in until I said yes to having a drink with him. He finally walked away and I took a deep breath when I got inside. After, I walked over to find Dan and was introduced to his work crew. They were all amazing and we had a great time. I felt safe next to him and didn't have to worry about what just happened. Later in the night, and many drinks later it was pretty rowdy. I walked by two guys who said, "come here." At this point, I was feeling friendly so came over smiling, shook their hands and introduced myself. The next line out of one of their mouths was, "I like your leather leggings. Do you work here? You are dressed like you do." I am not sure what I said next, but they didn't have a come back, and I can confidently say they were shut down and embarresed. I have been a waitress in my past, when I moved home to work on launching my beverage brand, and worked nights. By no means is working in a bar or restaurant something that someone should take offense to. What I was offended by, was the comment about my outfit and saying that I "looked" like a waitress. The outfit I was wearing is in the picture above.

After walking away, I didn't let it ruin the night, I didn't let it get to me, because in reality, there were lots of nice men there last night. I just happened to come across to who feel bigger and better about themselves by belittling women.

So being a feminist is important to me, because things like this happen to me and to other women, on a weekly, maybe even daily basis. Yes, society has pushed me to be a bit tougher, a bit stronger, and very opinionated. And men, if you cross me, challenge me, than yes, I will have no problem putting you in your place, working harder and becoming more successful than you will ever be. I will also be proud and embrace my femininity, and continue to rock those leather leggings.
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