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Stop giving a fuck about what others think!
By: Kristina Tsipouras, November 16, 2015
Dammit, I am so over caring about what others think of me. From friends who laugh out loud at my spiritual practices, to the people who roll their eyes when I burn incense, create a vision board and talk about the vortex.

This weekend, I spent two days at a spiritual soul & business upgrade retreat with 5 other women who came in from all over the country to be there. This retreat was led by my spiritual and business mentor, Asha. One thing we all had in common? We felt misunderstood, alone & frustrated with the people in our lives who not only did not understand us, but who mocked us, made fun of us and didn't take us seriously. So many of us talked about how we have to dumb down our beliefs, ways of living or daily rituals to fit into the 'norm' of what our culture accepts as normal today.

However, after 15 intimate hours with everyone, I realized that all of these women are so mentally grounded and stable. They are successful in business and in their personal lives, and they are healthy and happy at a very deep level. Yet, most (or many) of the people I know in traditional corporate structures are not as stable, not as happy, grounded or healthy, both mentally and physically. Many think that to be involved in this spiritual world, to follow law of attraction or to believe in such holistic practices that you have to be out there, you have to be non-traditional or cooky. I want you to challenge this structured belief system.

The last few years, I have worked on radically accepting & understanding myself at a very deep level. My core, my sense of self, my confidence, and my purpose are all so clear and strong that there is nothing that can truly shake me. I understood that to truly live up to my fullest potential, to truly be successful, not just in business, but in my personal life, was that working on myself was a priority. This way of life was so true to who I am deep inside and simply makes me happy. I sifted through the bullshit of "feeling like I belong" and let go of that need to fit in. I started living so authentically true to who I am, what I believe in, and not dumbing it down for anyone. I finally own all of myself, my beliefs & my purpose. You could say, after this process, I reached a new found appreciation for myself, the world I live in & feel a sense of enlightenment, or 'cloud 9? if you will. You see, when Gisele and Tom Brady, Oprah, Founders of Whole Foods, Ivy League schools, successful & well known Entrepreneurs & Celebrities use these same practices and live by the same philosophies, it doesn't seem so out there, does it?

I challenge you to stop judging others. I challenge you to stop giving a fuck what others think about you. I challenge you to authentically be you and scream it from the mountain tops. I challenge you to see being vulnerable as strong, because only strong people can allow themselves to be open, vulnerable and challenge the type of life that society has said is acceptable. I challenge you to commit to working on yourself & allowing your true desires in life to come to the surface.

Our world is in desperate need of a change. The over-caffeinated, sleep deprived fast paced society we live in today is so extremely unhealthy, yet so extremely accepted. Busy is the new cool. Society has made us feel as though busy is important. However, the most successful & happy people in this world? They sleep in. They take a two hour lunch break. They follow their happiness & excitement. They don't give a fuck what others think. They live by their beliefs, their purpose & follow what feels right.

Cheers to falling in love with yourself & creating your own heaven on earth no matter what belief system, career or daily practice you choose.

All my love, Kristina

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