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Hug your enemies tight!
By: Kristina Tsipouras, November 16, 2015
Do you realize that your enemies, the most frustrating people in your life are the most amazing teachers? They actually might hold as much purpose, or the same as your best friend does.

I know this, I study this, I believe this, yet in the moment it is still so hard to make peace with the current situation I am dealing with. The most important tool that I can give you is that it is all personal. It is all about you.

The difficult people who show up in our lives, and the amazing ones too, they are simply a reflection of what you believe about yourself. They are mirroring your internal reality. They show up, and put a spotlight on that thing that you might need to heal. This may be a very difficult realization, and you may fight to accept it. But one day, after the same issue, the same topic, and the same frustration shows up again in your life for the 5th time, after 5 different boyfriends, co-workers, or frenemies, you may start to pay attention to it. You see, the same topics, the same struggles will come into our lives over and over again until we choose to face what they are bringing up for us head on. It is only until this time that you have the opportunity to heal and release the person and the lesson. This will allow room for personal growth, expansion and in result will not attract that same type of person into your life anymore, because they will no longer hold a purpose.

This blog post was inspired by a current person in my life. This person happens to be the most frustrating person that I think I have ever come across in my 29 years, and it has become a daily struggle for me.

This person tests my patience, my kindness, and I have searched high and low for the answers as to why she is in my life, yet she is still here and I can't get rid of her. In moments where I am completely honest with myself, I realize what a beautiful teacher she is, disguised as a horrible enemy. Although my anger and frustration is with her, I have to focus on the bigger picture and realize that she is the perfect teacher for my current path. She challenges me, makes me tougher, she questions my judgement, my responsibility, my ability to succeed, my stability, my intelligence, and there is a major lack of respect. When I sit back and ponder all of this, and am truly honest with myself, it is my own shit. This person is pushing me to stand up, to defend and demand my respect, my judgement, and my choices.

When I see how far I have come, and how confident I am since I have been pushed by this person, I can actually go into appreciation for the lessons she has given me. Although I do not have to like her and the emotions that she is currently putting me through, I can see the bigger lesson here. I know that this person does hold a very important purpose in my life. When we go head to head, and she makes my blood boil, I sit and say to myself as I look at her, "thank you for being my teacher, thank you for being my teacher, thank you for being my teacher." This helps me to stay calm and keep the focus on me, my growth and my future. It is a tender balance between appreciation and learning, while also sticking up for myself and standing my ground. It feels like such a major waste of time and energy, yet I know it won't go away until I heal it within myself.

Personally, I have come along way from healing what I need to heal, however I know that life has big plans for me. It is necessary to become the best version of myself, to become stronger, to demand more respect, to choose my words and my time wisely, and to always stay humble, kind, classy and respectful, even when I do not receive it from others. In the end, I can feel good about myself going to bed at night, I can rest easy and I can appreciate all of the ups & downs that life has to offer. I know that it is all working for us towards our greater good, even if we cannot understand it in the current moment.

Dig deep, find reason & meaning, and always let the lesson be more important than the fight.

Love, Kristina

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